The David James Foundation will establish a working farm, a school and a sporting academy in Blantyre, in the south of Malawi. Young people will be taught both academically and vocationally. The farm will seek to establish “best practise” in farming through techniques including improved irrigation, new crops, better use of seeds and fertilizers and selective breeding, to create a model that can be used throughout Malawi.

It will, in the long term, be sustainable and self-financing. We will create links between those working in agriculture in Malawi and the UK for trade and skills exchange.

Initially, we will work alongside the Samaritan’s Trust children’s charity in Blantyre, before establishing a new community within the city. The sporting academy will be the only one of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa and will be formed in partnership with colleagues and sponsors in the UK and Malawi.

It will encourage both boys and girls of all backgrounds and abilities to take an active role in physical recreation.