David signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Malawi Ministry of Youth and the Samaritan Trust, Blantyre

David’s visit to Blantyre in July 2006 led to an historic agreement between the DJF and the Malawi Minsitry of Youth. To ensure that the future of Malawi, its children, are kept safe and secure, David and signed a child protection policy incorporating best practice child protection policy from the UK and Malawi. This MOU is the first of its kind between the Malawi government and UK charity.

During the same visit David also formed an official link between the DJF and the Samaritan’s Trust charity in Blantyre.

Initially, the DJF will work to utilise the eight acres of land owned by the Samaritan’s Trust to ensure they have food security and allow them to focus on their core objectives – to educate and train children to enable them to make a life for themselves. The DJF will also support the building of a wall around the Samaritan Trust site alongside other infrastructure investments.

While in Blantyre, David also gave the coach of the Trust football team two full Manchester City football kits, refereed and, reluctantly, played in a fund-raising youth football tournament for the Trust at Blantyre Sports Club.

Further meetings were held with various potential partners in Malawi who may be in a position to support the ongoing work of the DJF.

(Particular thanks to Dr Harry Potter, Jacqui Von Ribbeck, Shemeen Tarmahomed and Alan Kane and the staff of Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre for their efforts in making the visit such a success)

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